5 Must -Know Website Design Tips for Any Business

Are you lost in the struggle to increase traffic to your website in order to promote your business, not knowing exactly where to start or how to market yourself? If so, you are not alone. Finding ways to grab the attention of those who end up viewing your website is not easy, and many business owners spend countless hours brainstorming ways to achieve this. Regardless, there are certain website design elements that are must-knows for any business which serve as great starting points for those looking to improve upon their business's online presence. Keep reading to find out what they are.

Website Design Tactics Every Business Owner Should Know

#1–Keep it Clutter-Free

Websites that are hard to navigate and overwhelming at first glance are instant turnoffs for potential clients. If you want to exude professionalism and make the experience of browsing through your website enjoyable for users, you should ensure that your business's site is free of clutter. There should be clear navigation tools that direct users to the various parts of the website, and each page should have adequate spacing with a clear and precise flow to it. A viewer's first impression of your website could easily win them over instantly or turn them away for good.

#2–Make it Mobile-Friendly

It's no secret that most people these days surf the web on their mobile devices just as much as–if not more than–they do on their computers, and for this reason, it's important to make sure your website is mobile-friendly. Most modern websites have both mobile and desktop versions with coding that is able to determine a user's device screen size and adapt to it accordingly. Desktop versions of websites are not optimized for smartphones/tables and vice versa. Having multiple versions of your site makes absorbing all the information about your business much easier for your customers.

#3–Add Unique Content

Providing unique content for viewers is a huge key to success when it comes to promoting your business online. Unique content can come in the form of blog posts, videos, interviews, and anything else that may be of some benefit to your prospective customers. You can create your own content and strategically place it both on your website and various avenues throughout the web. Even if customers cannot find you via search engines, an intriguing video placed on YouTube that links back to your website could direct people right to you and have them begging for more.

#4–Use Keywords Effectively

Keywords are essential to making yourself visible in search engines, and they should be placed strategically throughout your website. Your website design should incorporate keywords into your site's URLs, page titles, and the general information you provide on every single page. Those scouring the internet for the service you provide may not know your business's name, but if they search using the keywords you have embedded in your website, they are more likely to find you. The importance of proper keyword use cannot be overstated.

Be careful with keywords, however, because search engines may impose a penalty on your website by decreasing your search engine rankings if you overuse them.

#5–Make Contact Information Easy to Find

Ultimately, if you have a business, you want to convert onlookers into customers, and in order to do this, it's crucial you make the process of contacting you as easy as possible. Viewers should not have to search long and hard for a way to get in touch with you; your contact information should be readily available. Having your contact information in the footer of every page as well as on a page of its own will make it easy for clients to reach out to you when they are ready.

We Can Lend a Helping Hand

Website design is of grave importance when it comes to the way others view you, and this plays a vital role in potential customers' decisions to work with you or not. If you need assistance bringing your business website to life, Wren Interactive can serve you. Come visit us at to learn how we can help you improve your website design today.

Search Engine Marketing | Why Consult Experts?

So, you have decided you want to take your business to the next level. You are ready to bring your goods and/or services to the Web for the world to see, presented on a site the world will judge. You may realize quickly that when you search online for your product, your business is nowhere near the top of the results. This may be true even if you search specifically, including words and terms you think others would try. You may turn to social media and feel overwhelmed and overshadowed by the competition there, too. Could an expert in search engine marketing (SEM) have answers and strategies for you?

Slowly but surely, your dreams of online marketing success may start to fade without a good SEM strategy. This field is also commonly called SEO, for search engine optimization, and that term reflects what an expert may be able to do for you. You can take advantage of specialized knowledge, research, and insights when you consult qualified search engine marketing experts.

What Is Search Engine Marketing?

Simply put, search engine marketing involves a multi-pronged approach to improve online market exposure for your brand, goods, or services. This type of marketing involves several techniques and components which address different features of online marketing. Some of these include optimization of key terms and their frequency, social networking, bid placement, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, contextual advertising, use of AdWords, and more.

Why Should I Consider Consulting Experts?

As you can see from the definition of search engine marketing, there are many approaches to this type of marketing. Each of these may lend themselves to certain strategies and choices help you get your brand, product, or service get noticed. The complexities of these approaches are best handled by someone who is up to date on major search engines' policies and tracks their ever-changing algorithms.

How to Choose a Search Engine Marketing Expert

When choosing an agency or other search engine marketing resource, it is important to choose one that takes a highly interactive approach. Web marketing should not be a hobby or sideline, but a core component of your provider's service offering. Here are some other high-level questions to consider.

Are They Willing to Provide You with a List of Current and Past Clients?

Observing work created for past and present clientele allows you to gauge the results of your prospective agency and assess whether businesses they have helped in the past have similar qualities to your own. Can you see your business served well by using the techniques that are used on the reference sites? When you speak with a representative, do you feel comfortable that your business goals will come first? Do testimonials for the agency sound authentic?

Will the Provider's Approach Improve Your Search Engine Rankings and Visibility in Target Markets?

Not only is it important for your consultant to be realistic about what services and results they can offer, but it is also important they know if they can define and reach your target audience. For example, national or "global" and local search engine marketing goals call for different methods and approaches. Make sure your consultant can perform the right ones for your business needs.

And Finally: Does It Sound Too Good to Be True?

If your prospective consultant promises you will have the highest ranking in both Google and Bing searches in a month or two, for example, or that your sales projections can increase 1000% in a month, or your site traffic will increase incrementally right away—beware! 

As valuable as current knowledge is, the search engines themselves control where your site ranks. Consultants can make a difference rapidly, and over time, a good strategy will certainly pay, but it is critical to be cautious of grandiose claims.


If you feel you could benefit from the advice of a search engine marketing consultant, the experts at Wren Interactive can answer all of your questions. Visit us today at for more information, tips, and tools to help your business grow. We invite you to request a consultation anytime.

Strategic Social Media Marketing for a Competitive Edge

Shall I post? Tweet? Pin a photo? Like a comment? Share with friends or with the public? With the number, reach, and quality of social media platforms available today it can be difficult to determine which is right for your business in terms of audience, exposure, and return on investment. After all, sitting there for hours on end trying to devise a way to make your product stand out in a sea of websites, you have to wonder if your time is being wasted. How do you know if and when your efforts will pay off? With the proper guidance and planning, you can gain a competitive edge in the market and begin to reap the success of this strategy instantly. If you are considering applying strategic social media marketing to your advertising scheme, read on and learn about the ways this type of marketing can work for you.

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is exactly what it sounds like. It is a type of marketing that makes use of social networking sites as a marketing tool to reach a business's intended audiences. The main purpose and ultimate goal of utilizing these sites is to produce marketing content that will easily be shared among its users so that the brand, product, or service being advertised will gain exposure.

What Can I Do to Gain a Competitive Edge?

When engaging in a social media marketing campaign, there are several measures you can take to gain a competitive edge in the market.

1. Increase Brand, Product, or Service Awareness

It is estimated that on average people spend approximately 2 hours on social media daily. That is a lot of potential exposure for your goods and services. Monitoring and increasing metrics such as your follower count, reach of your posts, and mentions and shares of your content can all significantly increase your brand awareness. Not only will you increase your exposure directly, but you will also have the opportunity to increase your brand exposure from a public relations point of view. Once your brand carries throughout your own social media subscribers and clients, it has a good chance of reaching other PR outlets, such as various news outlets, advertisers, and can even bring with it potential business partnerships and collaborations in the future.

2. Choose the Right Platforms

Just like every magazine has a certain type of readership, every website offering social media interaction has its own typical demographic or specific media sharing purpose and venue. Strategic social media marketing also takes this into consideration. For example, if your business specializes in geriatric products, you would not want to waste your time promoting your business on a site where the vast majority of users are teenagers. Likewise, if videos are your best and most effective way of displaying the features of your product, you do not want to target only websites that specialize in still photos or captures. As with all marketing plans, choosing the correct platforms is also vital.

3. Maintain Excellent Social Customer Service

Historically, even in a traditional business set up, customer service has traditionally been a way for patrons to measure the effectiveness of a business. With social media marketing, it is even easier to ensure your customers are being served. Furthermore, by gaining a reputation as a business that provides outstanding customer service online, you are much likelier to attract more business than your competitors.


If you feel you could benefit from the advice of a social media marketing consultant, the experts at Wren Interactive can answer all of your questions. Visit Wren Interactive–Blog today at for information, tips, and tools to help your business grow.

Why Professional Website Design Matters: 3 Key Reasons

Are you ready to start an online business or launch a website or blog? With so many options for setting up your own online presence, you may be attracted by promises of easy, do-it-yourself options and services.

For a hobbyist blogger or casual seller of specialty goods, a bare-bones, DIY website may be fine. But if you're a business owner who understands the size of the online marketplace and the competition you're facing, it is worth your time and investment to consider professional website design.

Your website will deliver the first impression you make on many potential customers. Some will immediately judge your company and offering based on an outdated, buggy, or awkwardly designed website, and most will naturally wonder if the product or services mirror the website's shortcomings. In contrast, an eye-catching, intuitive website will project an aura of success and lead to trust.

Your website design is your storefront, and every choice you make will impact your success. That's why this is one investment any serious online business owner or entrepreneur should make. Here at Wren Interactive, we know and respect the value of solid, highly functional web design. To help you think through your next move, here are three (of many) key reasons why professional website design may be an essential part of your business success.

Reason #1: Custom Design Will Address Your Specific Business Needs

While many build-your-own-website options are easy to use, only a professional web design provider will give you the flexibility you need to create a website that represents your business in compelling style. Your designer or team will discuss your business and products with you and address your goals for the site.

As a result, your site design will be aligned with those critical goals, which can include online sales, brick-and-mortar sales, or information delivery and lead creation. Do-it-yourself options often limit you to a few basic template designs, while a professional designer is free to create a website that works for you.

Reason #2: Broad Internet Knowledge to Maximize Value

If you're a newcomer to website design, you can likely figure out how to develop a functional site, but you won't know how to maximize its potential. One of the most important elements of online success is search engine optimization (SEO), which involves using carefully selected keywords and phrases to support your appearance and rank in the major engines. A professional can also help you integrate technology like embedded video and links in your website, whereas such capabilities are often unavailable or strictly limited on do-it-yourself sites.

Reason #3: Time Savings Both Now and Later

If you're starting a new business or website, one top priority is probably getting your name out there and selling your product or service. Keep in mind that DIY websites are sometimes prone to bugs and glitches. You may spend a lot of time trying to get up and running in the first place, and then suffer lengthy downtime later on.

With professional website design, you'll have someone taking the hard work off your hands so you can focus on spreading the word about your product through other avenues and delivering on your brand promise. Equally important, you'll have a tech support contact ready to help when issues arise.

Will Professional Website Design Benefit You? We Have Insight & Answers

Investing in professional website design is the best way to give your new business or blog a running start. Rather than being limited to a simple template, you'll have a variety of design choices at hand, a designer able to ensure your marketing and SEO approaches are right for your business objectives, and a tech support connection ready before and after your launch.

If you're considering hiring a professional website designer, we encourage you to contact us at Wren Interactive or visit our Services page at for more information anytime.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional to Run Social Media Accounts

The right social media presence can make or break a business. Here are a few of the benefits of hiring a professional.
Today, social media is incredibly influential in our daily lives. In a recent Forbes study, 81 percent of respondents agreed that social media posts informed their buying decisions. Additionally, a Hubspot survey found that 92 percent of marketers felt that social media activity generated new exposure for their businesses. A resource with such power shouldn’t be left in the hands of someone who isn’t an expert!
To build a stable and trustworthy reputation, consistency is key. As a dedicated social media marketing firm, our team at Wren Interactive will build a holistic strategy focused on attaining your company’s key performance indicators and reaching your target demographic.
Responding to Social Media Messages
Many businesses choose to have one or two internal employees run the company’s social media accounts in addition to their daily job expectations. Even if these employees manage to create a successful social media presence, they won’t have the time to maintain it. This means messages or questions sent to your business’s social media profile may go weeks or months before being answered. A social media agency dedicates time to regularly checking accounts and replying to messages as soon as possible to help maintain engagement. Additionally, they will know the right way to respond when issues arise with customers online in order to maintain your reputation and effectively resolve the problem.
Creating and Adhering to an Overarching Strategy
Social media isn’t simply about sharing funny images or posting your promotions. Posting on a whim without a plan is the biggest mistake some companies make when they allow their accounts to be run by people who aren’t experts. An experienced social media manager understands that a successful social presence requires a custom strategy with planning before launch.
There are several decisions to make before running a campaign, including which social media platforms to use, which types of posts to share with your audience, the size of your budget for promoted posts, and how to measure your campaign’s success. These strategies require in-depth considerations about your industry and your business’s position within it. Someone who manages social media accounts on the side won’t take the time needed to figure that out. Social media campaigns can also achieve better results when paired with a more cohesive digital marketing strategy, including search engine optimization and paid search campaigns.
With the amount of influence social media can have, a dedicated social media manager who understands the latest digital marketing trends can be a major resource for any successful business. If you believe your business could benefit from a social media overhaul, call Wren Interactive at 985-778-0891 or book an appointment online to discuss your social media strategy today.
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